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General FAQ

When is the FayetteCross 2021?

FayetteCross 2021 will be on Wednesday October 13, 2021.

How many cyclists will be in Fayetteville and where are they from?

Over 200 of the world’s top cyclocross racers from more than 25 countries will compete in FayetteCross 2021.

What else will be going on during FayetteCross 2021?

Beyond the racing, there will be food, music, expos, and other entertainment for fans of all ages. We also encourage visitors to explore all the wonderful restaurants, cycling, and other area attractions that Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas have to offer. Be sure to follow the event on social media to stay up to date.

Will this event be held rain or shine, or even snow?

Yes, cyclocross events, which traditionally occur in the autumn and winter, are not dependent on good weather. With the exception of severe weather (such as tornados or lightning storms), racing continues regardless of conditions.  Die-hard cyclocross fans believe that rainy and muddy conditions only make the racing all that more exciting.

Where will FayetteCross 2021 be held?

FayetteCross 2021 will be held at Centennial Park, in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

How many people do you expect to attend FayetteCross 2021?

We expect a few thousand fans will come to enjoy a Wednesday afternoon in the park.  Some spectators will travel here from other nations, many more will be local residents with others traveling from outside of the Northwest Arkansas region.

So, what is cyclocross anyway? And how does cyclocross compare to mountain bike? What’s a cyclocross race like?

We may be biased, but we think cyclocross is the most exciting racing on two wheels. Racers compete on a mostly off-road course using bikes that look like a road bike but with slightly wider knobby tires, about half as big as mountain bike tires. When the course is too steep, or too muddy, racers carry their bikes.  Watch the video on the homepage to see what cyclocross is all about!

How did Fayetteville get this event?

Fayetteville was selected to host the event after a competitive bid process similar to the Olympics.

Race, Course, and Map Information

Where can I find the race course map?

The course map for FayetteCross 2021 can be found on the event page.

Will there be amateur races held during FayetteCross 2021?

The FayetteCross 2021 events are limited to crowning the elite winners. However, because the cyclocross course will remain as a permanent fixture at Centennial Park, long after the FayetteCross 2021 and the 2022 World Championship weekend, expect that there will be future opportunities for amateurs to race on the same course as the world’s best in the years to come. 

How many total races are there?

For FayetteCross 2021, there are 2 races.  See the schedule of events here.

Who designed the FayetteCross 2021 race course?

Centennial Park is a bicycle specific park and a part of the Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Department. It features mountain bike trails for riders of all abilities and a cyclocross course.  The 2022 UCI Cyclocross World Championships race course was designed by the American race director Brook Watts as part of the park construction and will be used for FayetteCross 2021. The cyclocross course will remain a permanent fixture at Centennial Park after FayetteCross 2021 and the World Championship weekend.

How long are the races?

For FayetteCross 2021, the races range from 40 minutes for the Junior Women’s and Men’s race, 50 minutes for Elite Women, to 60 minutes for the Men’s Elite race. You can see the complete schedule of events here.


How do I get to FayetteCross 2021?
Can I be dropped off at Centennial Park?

No. Due to road closures in the immediate vicinity of Centennial Park on October 13, drop-off services at the entry of Centennial Park are not permitted. Spectators should be dropped off at the designated public parking / shuttle bus location. Also, do not park in the surrounding neighborhoods or business lots. Violators will be subject to citations and towing.

Can I ride my bike to Centennial Park?

Yes! Riding your bike to the races is encouraged. A free secure Bike Valet area will be available at the entrance to Centennial Park.

Note: while we encourage spectators to use alternative transit including bikes to travel to Centennial Park, for safety reasons, no bikes will be permitted in the park itself.  This includes kids’ strider bikes.  However, we encourage cyclists to return to the park at a later date to ride the trails, including the same course as the racers. 

What time do shuttle buses start running?

Shuttle busses will begin at 11:00 am on Wednesday October 13.

Is there public parking at Centennial Park?

No. There is no spectator parking at Centennial Park. All spectators will arrive by shuttle service, by bike or on foot.

Can I park in the neighborhood or in near-by businesses?

No, all spectator parking is at the designated parking / shuttle bus location.  Violators will be subject to citations and towing.

Will the trails leading to Centennial Park be open during FayetteCross 2021?

No, all trails passing through Centennial Park will be closed. Local cyclists should plan accordingly and plan to enter Centennial Park through the main entrance on Old Farmington Road, utilizing the free Bike Valet.

Spectator Information

Will this event be held rain or shine, or even snow?

Yes, cyclocross events are not dependent on good weather. The racing continues regardless of conditions. With the exception of severe weather (such as tornados or lightning storm), racing continues regardless of conditions.  Die-hard cyclocross fans believe that rainy and muddy conditions only make the racing all that more exciting.

Can I watch the racers practice on Tuesday?

Yes, Official training sessions are free and open to the public but for safety reasons some sensible restrictions apply:

No bikes are allowed in the park, there will be a safe bike parking area at the front gate.

No pets are permitted in the park.

The times of the official training sessions are on the schedule of events here.

Can I bring my 20-foot-long pole with the massive flag?

Unfortunately not. We’re all for representing what you’re into but there’s other ways to go about it that. Please don’t endanger the safety of athletes, spectators, and ruin the sightlines for pretty much everybody. Bring your energy but please leave the flags and poles firmly planted at home.

Are firearms allowed in the park?

No. No firearms are permitted in the park.

What time the gates open?

Gates open at 8:00 AM.

Are dogs permitted at FayetteCross 2021?

Unfortunately, animals are not permitted in Centennial Park during FayetteCross 2021.  Please leave your animals at home for the safety of the racers, other spectators, as well as your pet.

Can I bring my own beverages, or a cooler of beer?

No, outside beverages are permitted, there will be plenty of beverages of all kinds available.  Coolers are not permitted.  Please note that all backpacks will be searched before you enter the park.

Can I bring a lawn chair?

Yes, portable “camp” chairs are permitted.

Can I bring my kid in a stroller?

Yes but keep in mind that the park surface is mostly dirt and grass. Strider bikes, like any bikes, are not permitted in the park during the event.

Community Impact

How will the event affect traffic?

There will be a minor impact on local traffic near Centennial Park. We will be contacting neighbor residents to consider alternative means of transportation – including bikes – or simply come out and enjoy the races.

Saftey and Security

How will you handle security for such a big event?

The organizers have consulted with City of Fayetteville and Washington County as well and state and federal officials and will continue to work with all parties to devise appropriate and thorough security plans.

COVID – 19

How will FayetteCross 2021 be impacted by Covid-19?

FayetteCross 2021 is committed to providing a safe environment for all race participants, spectators and all associated personnel and will adhere to the rules and regulations mandated by the CDC, the State of Arkansas Department of Health, as well as guidelines promulgated by local county and city agencies. 

The FayetteCross 2021 Covid 19 Task Force will be implementing such strategies as may be necessary to promote healthy behaviors that reduce the possible spread of Covid-19 and that maintain healthy environments and operations.

All race participants, spectators and associated personnel are encouraged to obtain a covid-19 vaccine when available, and irrespective of receipt of such vaccine, to continue to utilize personal prevention practices, such as handwashing, staying home when sick, maintaining 6 feet of distance, and wearing a mask.   All race participants, spectators and associated personnel are asked to stay home when appropriate (if you have tested positive for COVID-19, are showing COVID-19 symptoms, or have had a close contact with a person who has symptoms of COVID-19 within the past 14 days).

How will you address safety concerns of spectators on the course?

Barriers and fencing will separate the riders from spectators over the course with designated course crossings staffed by volunteer course marshals. Safety of the riders as well as the spectators has been taken into consideration during the course designs. In addition, emergency personnel will be on-site for racers as well as spectators.

Experiencing the Races

When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets go on sale in the summer of 2021

Will there be food and drink available at FayetteCross 2021?

Absolutely! What is a cyclocross race without frites (you know, French fries)? There were also be plenty of other tasty foods as well as beer and soft drinks.

Will there be any other events taking place in Fayetteville – besides the races themselves?

Yes, there’s always a wide array of activities going on in Fayetteville and stick around after the final race for music and fun at the park until dark. Check out the schedule of events here.

Where are the best places to watch the races? Will there be grandstands or seating?

There are outstanding viewing points all around the course. Many fans will arrive at Centennial Park early on race day in order to secure their preferred viewing spot.  Additionally, there will be several fan zones around the course will offer a fan-friendly experience, with big-screen TVs, food and drinks, etc.

There will be VIP areas along the finishing straight. Details of these opportunities will be available very soon. Use the contact form to reach us for more information.

Will the races be televised?

Yes, FayetteCross 2021 will be televised nationally and internationally. The event is expected to be seen by millions of viewers worldwide.

Community Engagment

Is there any way for locals to ride the FayetteCross 2021 course?

During FayetteCross 2021 and for two weeks preceding the event, Centennial Park will be closed to the public and all of the park’s trails will be unavailable.  However, since the cyclocross trails have been established as a permanent fixture of Centennial Park, the public is encouraged to return at a later date to experience the same course as the FayetteCross 2021 racers.

How can my company get involved with FayetteCross 2021?

We’re glad you asked!  We have several options not only for FayetteCross 2021 but also for the 2022 World Championships. We offer a variety of exciting partnerships and sponsorship opportunities to national and international brands. Information can be obtained by using  the contact form to reach us. FayetteCross 2021 encourages local business owners and entrepreneurs to join together to support what will be one of the most diverse influx of potential customers in the history of Fayetteville.  And our partner Experience Fayetteville encourages businesses to become more bike friendly as Bicycle Friendly Businesses.

How many volunteers are needed to staff FayetteCross 2021?

We expect hundreds of volunteers will be needed for the FayetteCross 2021.  Interested? Check out our Volunteer page for more information or use the contact form to reach us.


Will FayetteCross 2021 be a sustainable event?

The race organizers are working with Experience Fayetteville, the City of Fayetteville Sustainability Department and other partners to “green the scene” during the FayetteCross 2021. Areas of focus include:

  1. Reducing waste consumption (recycle, compost, etc.)
  2. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transportation (bike valets, shuttles, buses, etc.)
  3. Leaving a positive legacy (bike friendly city, sustainable events, etc.)
Will there be a bike valet at the park?

Yes. A free secure Bike Valet area will be available at the entrance to Centennial Park.

Note: while we encourage spectators to use alternative transit including bikes to travel to Centennial Park, for safety reasons, no bikes will be permitted in the park itself.  Keep in mind, even kids’ strider bikes are not permitted in the park.

Will there be recycling and composting at the races?

Yes. There will be a comprehensive, visible and waste diversion system that includes eco-stations for recycling and composting in Fan Zones, the Grain Bin Food Expo, and the finish area. Friendly Eco-Team volunteers focused on carrying out the event’s sustainability initiatives will be available to assist you. And please, do your part by putting any waste in the proper container to avoid mixing them.

What can I do to help make the races a sustainable event?

Glad you asked! There are lots of things you can do.

  • Ride a shuttle or public transit to the event.
  • Find or arrange a carpool.
  • Ride your bike and secure it at the free bike valet.
  • Recycle or compost and look for a friendly Eco-Team volunteer if you need help.
  • As a reminder, no pets or outside beverages are permitted inside Centennial Park during FayetteCross 2021.